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Bu sayfada okumanızda fayda gördüğüm kaliteli içeriğe sahip, ufkunuzu açacak, ilham verici bilimsel makaleleri topladım. Kablosuz haberleşme sistemlerinden LoRa ya, lipo pil şarj etme cihazlarının uygulama notları ve bilgi kağıtlarına kadar çeşitli içeriğe sahip bilimsel makaleleri buradan ulaşabilirsiniz. Sizlerin de paylaşmak istediği yazılar olursa bana gönderin diğer arkadaşlarımızda faydalansın.

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Performance Evaluation of E32 Long Range Radio Frequency 915 MHz based on Internet of Things and Micro Sensors Data

Abstract—This research discusses how to build and analyze a 915 MHz Long Range (LoRa) E32 Frequency-based Node Sensor network with a Micro Sensor with 3 sensor outputs produced i.e, Temperature (DegC), Air Pressure (hPa), and Humidity (%). therefore, This research succeeded in making a sensor node using the LoRa E32 915 MHz using a mini type ATmega 328p microcontroller with a 3.7 volt, 1000 mAh battery. The display on the receiver uses an 8X2 LCD which will output 3 sensor data outputs. furthermore, the result and analysis of this research are how to analysis of the LoRa Chirp Signal, furthermore, LoRa Chirp Signal obtained from the Textronix Spectrum analyzer in realtime, Quality of Service (QoS), Receive Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) (-dBm), uplink and downlink data on the Internet Server. Furthermore, The Micro Sensor Graph Output will be displayed on the application server with a sensor data graph. In this research Application Server used is Thingspeak from Mathworks.

Low-Cost Car Park Localization Using RSSI in
Supervised LoRa Mesh Networks

Abstract—In this paper, we present an RSSI-based localization solution that merely relies on the LoRa technology without requiring any anchors. It is primarily designed for large
used car dealerships. Cars to be tracked are fitted with batterypowered tags that send each other plain LoRa messages and then report over LoRaWAN the observed RSSI to the server. The server estimates tag coordinates using multi-dimensional scaling and a novel corrective transformation based on tag clustering. We designed a low-cost tag for RSSI measurement and an energy efficient solution for managing a mesh of 1000 tags on one site using time division multiplexing. The tags are fully controlled and synchronized by the server. To stay synchronized for several hours until a next downlink the tags
estimate and compensate the real-time clock error. Large-scale tests are yet to be performed, but lab-based and small-scale tests in real conditions show a maximal error of 8 meters and a battery lifetime of 5 years.

Keywords—LoRa, localization, mesh, time-division multiplex, multi-dimensional scaling, clustering

TP4056 1A Standalone Linear Li-lon Battery Charger with Thermal Regulation in SOP-8

The TP4056 is a complete constant-current/constant-voltage linear charger for single cell lithium-ion batteries. Its SOP package and low external component count make the TP4056 ideally suited for portable applications. Furthermore, the TP4056 can work within USB and wall adapter. No blocking diode is required due to the internal PMOSFET architecture and have prevent to negative Charge Current Circuit. Thermal feedback regulates the charge current to limit the die temperature during high power operation or high ambient temperature. The charge voltage is fixed at 4.2V, and the charge current can be programmed externally with a single resistor. The TP4056 automatically terminates the charge cycle when the charge current drops to 1/10th the programmed value after the final float voltage is reached. TP4056 Other features include current monitor, under voltage lockout, automatic recharge and two status pin to indicate charge termination and the presence of an input voltage

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Bildiğiniz Üzeri youtube HDC1080 sıcaklık ve nem ölçme sensörünün çeşitli viddeolarını çektim ve karşılaştırmalarını yaptık. daha fazla detay isteyen meraklı arkadaşlar için bazı makaleleri burada topluyorum.

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