Hi there! My name is Mehmet Yildiz. I am an Electrical Engineer. I have been designing PCB boards, specialising in LoRa Communications and microchip architecture for years. I graduated from one of the most prestigious Turkish universities: Istanbul Technical University. I have worked at various well-known technology companies and nowadays I manage my own business in which I design PCB programs and program various different chips (ESP32, ESP32 S3, Arduino Nano, PIC, STM32)

Below you will see some snippets of my work and notable achievements.

One of the most important achievements that we have gotten is our S3 PCB.

This is the most advanced PCB board for the S3. It has a great deep sleep mode and it works insanely well with other components such as ethernet, rs432, rs485, sd card, wifi module, RTC model and many more. This 4 layered PCB is currently in use in a lot of projects within Turkey. The power sleep mode can go 10 years with a single battery.

The deepsleep mode, RTC and CAN bus protocol make it possible for all your projects to work efficiently.

Some communication protocols supported and integrated technologies in our PCB are:

  • USB TYPE C connectivity and program over USB
  • up to 96% efficient voltage conversion with SMPS
  • Lipo battery support with TP4056 (place on pcb is ready)
  • RS485
  • RS232
  • CANBUS (in preparation)
  • Ethernet
  • SD card slot (up to 16GB tested successful)
  • Buck and boost converter locations
  • Microphone location, for voice command features
  • Plug-and-play LoRa slot

When the S3 PCB is used thoroughly with deep slip, it can go 10 years without any additional charging.

esp32 s3


We achieved over 95% efficiency with SMPS Switching regulators. The efficiency we achieved is unmatchable globally.


Below you can see the efficency graph of our SMPS regulators

4 Layer of S3 PCB

Data Analysis and Report

We collect data from various environments that our customers engage in with our PCB, such an example is our HTC Heat and Humidity sensor that can work under very harsh environments. And then with the collected data, we perform data analysis via uploading the data to cloud server and then using various in-company programs to report them.

Below you see an example that works in a manufacturing company. The data is reported realtime and is reported. Any anomalies result in an emergency alarm.

Business analysis

Through the collected data, we perform meaningful insights. One example below is data from machinery. We provide automatic analysis based on those data regarding the state of the factory and how it can be improved.